Should I get a Google my business page?

What is ‘Google My Business’ and do I need it?

Google my Business is a free Google tool that allows you to promote your business on Google searches and maps. By adding your business contact details, operating hours and images you are able to get in front of your audience quickly. A Google my business (GMB) account allows you as a business owner to interact with customers, request and reply to public reviews and add products and services to your public business profile. You have full control over what information is available to your customers. For example, contact phone number, email address, website and physical address. Additionally, you can add a description of your business and the operating hours. All the information your customers need to get in touch. And it is located  in a Google search’s side panel for quick and easy access.

Benefits of a Google my Business page

1. An additional avenue for your clients to find you and your business information

A GMB page is a great free platform to connect with future and current customers and clients. Whether a prospective or current client is search on Google Search or Google Maps, having a perfectly optimised GMB will allow you to be seen, with information controlled by you.

2. It is easy to set up

One of the best parts of Google My Business, is it is relatively easy to set up. This means you can create it quickly, easily and be available online FAST! We understand not everyone has the time to set aside to set up a GMB page which is where we come in. We offer a GMB page set up as a service for a small fee. If you are time poor but agree with us and think it is important to have one, contact us to discuss further.

3. Client reviews

Google reviews can assist future clients in deciding if you are a good fit for their business or not.You can request reviews from your loyal fan base, which helps boost your ratings. Just ensure you read the GMB rules and requirements so you don’t partake in any of their big ‘no-no’s’. For example, you can not incentivise reviews on Google. It is important to respond to all reviews and remember your response is public as well. A well written response can outweigh a negative review. That is, of course, depending on the review! The main objective is to keep your clients and customers happy and this will reflect in your ratings. Additionally, these reviews boost your site authority in search engines.

4. It is FREE!

Google My Business is a free platform for business owners. Unless you pay for an online marketing team (like us) to set it up for you, having a GMB will cost you ZERO dollars! There are no ongoing costs involved. It is easy to set up, with plenty of guides online for you if you hit a speed bump. If you are time poor, please contact us to discuss our small set up fee.

What you need to include in your GMB profile

* Contact details

How else are your prospective customers going to contact you if you don’t include these details for them to access quickly and easily? Don’t make your contact details hard to find as people won’t look for long. A Google My Business page is the perfect place to prominently showcase all of your contact details from phone number to email addresses and websites. At this stage, social media platforms are not included in the business profile page options. Rather they are automatically added by Google’s algorithm

* Link to your website

A Google My Business page is a gateway to your business and website. It is another form of online marketing to gain more customers. It is a compact version of your website, and you want to direct your customers to an extended version in order to convert them into customers if they are undecided. Whilst some customers may already know they want to engage with you, others will need more persuasion. This is where a link to your website will come in handy.

* Correct and full business address

When adding your address to your Google My Business profile you are opening the gate to Google Maps where customers can find you and your location. It is another search avenue for customers. It also allows customers to easily find directions to your place of business.

* High Quality Photos

If your business offers a product or service that can be showcased visually, make sure you add high quality images. Poor quality images or irrelevant images will affect your credibility and professionalism. This is your chance to showcase the best you have to offer and giving low resolution images is not the way to do this.

* Keywords

Without stuffing your keywords in obviously, adding them is always beneficial no matter what platform you are using. So that means your keywords should be included in all of your online marketing campaigns through your websites, social media platforms and Google My Business.

* A response to all reviews

Whether the reviews are good, bad or ugly, it is important to respond to them all. And remember all reviews and their responses are public! Keep in mind, a well written response to a bad review can be just as important as the bad review itself.

“According to consumers, businesses that respond to reviews are 1.7x more trustworthy than businesses who don’t (76% vs. 46%).” 

Google My Business

Should I get a Google my business

In summary, yes you should get a Google my business page! Having a GMB page is quick, easy and FREE. Additionally, it is a great online marketing tool to help build your online presence. We think it is a MUST for all businesses, especially small, local businesses. If you need help setting up your GMB please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.