Five reasons why you should have a WordPress website?

When we talk about a WordPress website, we are referring to, the self hosted version ( the real version). Opposed to which is more of a hosting option. The main difference in the two is who hosts your website. With you are in charge of hosting (this is our preferred option). On the other hand, is hosted by them and limits your ability to use functions by the plan you select.

Popular questions in the website world are ‘Why do I need a WordPress website?’ or ‘Do I need to switch my current website to a WordPress website’. We are a huge lover of WordPress due to the abundance of options available.


Here you will find five reasons why you need a WordPress website.


1. ‘Everyone’ has a WordPress website

Almost 40% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress. You are in great company with some of the largest brands in the world using the platform.


2. Most Popular CMS

WordPress dominates the content management system market, with almost 60%! This means that WordPress is even more popular for websites using a CMS. The closest competitor is Joomla with almost 7% coverage.


3. Plug-in options are endless

The plug-ins available for a WordPress website are next level! Plugins allow you to add functions to your site without coding or technical knowledge. With copious amounts of plugins available your website is only limited by your imagination! As a result, your website can be as unique as you and your brand, allowing you to stand out from your competition. Free and premium options are available.


4. Easy and customisable themes available

The theme options available to you is another endless pit of magic! Themes allow you to change the look of your website without code or technical knowledge. WordPress themes are user friendly and give you the ability to change colour, font and more! Again, these come as free or premium options.


5. SEO plugins to boost rankings

Being one of the most popular platforms you have access to SUPER strong plugins that help with SEO and site speed. These plugins make online marketing simpler for DYI and marketing professionals. While there are a number of plugins available for SEO we can’t go past Yoast. It is a great, user friendly plugin for SEO. And, yes we use Yoast for our projects!


Yes, you need a WordPress Website

As Central Coast based WordPress experts, we may be biased against other platforms. We like to work within our clients needs and wants for each project. Sometimes this means we use alternative platforms such as Shopify. Each platform has their pros and cons. In saying that, we still love the WordPress platform and all the available options.

Want to find out more? We can help guide you through your DYI WordPress site. Alternatively, we would love to take the reigns and drive your WordPress website to the top of the Google Rankings. Contact us!